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  • Northern Treasures
    Travel with us from Lima to the
    most important sites in Peru!
    See Chan Chan (Chimu Culture), than
    the Moon Pyramid, and do not miss
    the colonial flair of Trujillo and
    the treasures of the Lord of Sipan
    or the Lady of Cao.
  • Classic Destinations
    See the unique floating islands
    of the Uros on the famous lake Titicaca.
    Visit the town of Arequipa, from where
    you can easily get to one of the world's
    deepest canyons, the Colca
    Canyon, home of the majestic condor.
  • World Wonder
    Would travelling to Peru be the same
    without having seen Machu Picchu?
    Of course not! So, see it with your
    own eyes! Afterwards a train brings you
    to Cusco, once navel of the Inca Empire,
    whose former glory is still reflected
    in the old buildings.
  • Amazonas Rainforest
    Have you known that the Peruvian Rainforest
    covers more than 60% of the country?
    Endless numbers of plants and animals wait
    being discovered by you.
    Enjoy nature during special excursions
    and relax in your comfortable lodge.

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COVID-19 Update for Peru (11.11.2020): OUR INFORMATION FOR TRAVELLERS

Dear Peru Fan and Globetrotter,

The necessary Covid security messures of many country affect actually not just the private life but also the business sectors and furthermore something wihich in the end is what we look forward to every year: travelling to foreign countries, experiencing other cultures, contact with the exotic.

For the best of our travellers we have decided to not start the first tour prior to 1rst of May. Thank you to all of you who looked into alternatives and solutions with us.

SITUATION IN PERU: Peru, counting 31 million inhabitants, has until 11th of November the official number of 925,431 infected and 34,943 deaths, 850.670 persons are supposed to be cured.
The Peruvian president Vizcarra declared the state of emergency on 15th of March, following several prolongations until this month. All restrictions are supposed to end on the 31rst of December, depending on what the new president Merino will decide.
It is not allowed to leave the house from 11 pm to 4 am the next morning. Beside children and elderly people everbody is allowed to leave the house, even for some personal sports activities like yoga. There is a nationwide obligation to wear nose-mouth protection masks.

As soon as the pandemic is controlable, we hope that you in the interest of the people working in tourism and tourism related sectors, will not descard your travel to South America, extrem poverty is a terrible result of the nationwide lockdown. We hope you do quite the opposite and celebrate the new possibilities by booking your dream trip to South America.
Machu Picchu (reopened on 1st of November) and all the other breathtaking sightseeing places are waiting for you! Since 5th of October Peru can again be reached by plane (connection with 24 countries).

The photo below is a little appetizer for you to book with us: it was taken in the Colca Valley where the majestic condors, the world's biggest flying birds, can be observed every morning.

Hope seeing you soon in South America! Alle the best for you and your families.
Stay safe!
Sabine Cremer and Joakim L. Jensen



Thank you for stopping by. We hope that you will find the South American tour you have always been looking for on our websites. We offer personal tours in small groups (until the end of 2022 up to a maximum of 4 travellers - due to safety reasons) and custom made programs.

Our webmaster is pretty busy improving our homepage but unfortunately those programmers have not more than two hands and one head for their work tasks. We still try to figure out why, maybe an extra hand or head can be attached somehow... Until we find the solution we ask you to be patient and would like you to come back soon to see the rest of our programs and recommendations. Thank you and have a great day!

With our office in Lima, Peru, we can organize your tour right there where you will travel: in South America. Forget about possible calls to an office far away from Peru or Bolivia. We are there for you, night and day.

Our tours are realized even with a minimum of only 2 persons! So, why looking around on other websites where the minimum of passengers is almost always 8 and tours are often cancelled by the time you will have already asked your boss for vaccacions?
No sorrows, no worries - just book your dream travel to Peru with us!

Our versatile programs and tour-stones enable you to chose dates, routes and hotel categories.
Benefit from our long-term experience in tourism.

Any questions? Just write us an email or call us! We would be happy to help you!

Machu Picchu am frühen Morgen


The Andean Highlands - three routes to chose from

We always consider the heights during our travel program planification. We want you to be fine and not suffering from altitude sickness during the trip. You have paid a lot of money to see the world of the Incas. Why risking your health on a tour which is actually not good for you? Ask us - we help you finding your perfect destinations in Peru or other South American countries. Click here to learn more.


You suffer from altitude sickness? Thought you could never travel to the land of the Incas? We have good news for you: you actually can visit Peru and Machu Picchu without suffering from altitude sickness! Just click here to learn more.