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  • Northern Treasures
    Travel with us from Lima to the
    most important sites in Peru!
    See Chan Chan (Chimu Culture), than
    the Moon Pyramid, and do not miss
    the colonial flair of Trujillo and
    the treasures of the Lord of Sipan
    or the Lady of Cao.
  • Classic Destinations
    See the unique floating islands
    of the Uros on the famous lake Titicaca.
    Visit the town of Arequipa, from where
    you can easily get to one of the world's
    deepest canyons, the Colca
    Canyon, home of the majestic condor.
  • World Wonder
    Would travelling to Peru be the same
    without having seen Machu Picchu?
    Of course not! So, see it with your
    own eyes! Afterwards a train brings you
    to Cusco, once navel of the Inca Empire,
    whose former glory is still reflected
    in the old buildings.
  • Amazonas Rainforest
    Have you known that the Peruvian Rainforest
    covers more than 60% of the country?
    Endless numbers of plants and animals wait
    being discovered by you.
    Enjoy nature during special excursions
    and relax in your comfortable lodge.

15 days Group Tour South-Peru (to Arequipa)

Lima to Cusco by plane, 2x Machu Picchu, private bus, Puno at Lake Titicaca, condors in the Colca Canyon, colonial style in Arequipa

Route for the
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Puya Raimondii, the "dinosaur flower", Southern Peru

.........................Wanderung in den Anden

Andean Mountain Travelling - three routes to chose from

Depending on how you react if it comes to high altitude (full adaptation, medium adaptation, no adaptation) or how you want to travel (quick flights or long bus travels) you can chose between our three different route offers. The tour mentioned here is perfect for travellers who want to avoid a long travel in an altitude of more than 3000 metres ... more >>>



This 15 day group tour with final destination Arequipa brings fans of culture first via flight from Lima to Cusco: you see and experience the old Inca capital, the natural environment of romantic inspiration in the Sacred Valley and the lush vegetation and pleasant climate in and close to Machu Picchu.
On the Altiplano, which extends from Peru to Bolivia, you will visit the Aymaras, an old culture from the Southern part of Peru and the Andes of Bolivia, who still keep some of the old customs and the language of their ancestors.
Before going to Arequipa, the White Town of the Sillar Stone, on 2400 m, we visit the Colca Canyon where we do not want to miss the flight of the majestic condor in the early morning.

Lima 0m – Flight - Sacred Valley 2.700m – Aguas Calientes / Machu Picchu 2.000m - 2.300m – Cusco 3.350m  – Puno 3.810m – Colca Canyon 3.650m - Arequipa 2400m


Highlights & Advantages

+ impressive landscapes, contact with locals, arqueological sites

+ Tour guaranteed with a minimum of 2 persons only!
+ Office in Lima

+ Complete Program: all Standard Activities & national flights included

+ Culture and Nature

+ Visit the native Quechuas in their villages in the Sacred Valley! Enjoy a Pachamanca with them!

+ 2 x Machu Picchu
+ 2 full days in Cusco

+ Flight of the condors in the Colca Canyon
+ Colonial Arequipa





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