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Unsere Reise-Bausteine ermöglichen Ihnen Erstellung Ihrer maßgeschneiderten Individualreisen nach Peru, indem Sie die verschiedenen Angebote so miteinander kombinieren, dass Sie eine komplette Peru Reise ergeben. Durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung und Landkenntnisse haben wir für Sie attraktive Orte ausgesucht, die Ihnen Geschichte, Kultur, viele erstaunliche Sehenswürdigkeiten, atemberaubende Landschaften und einzigartige Menschen näher bringen sollen.


Our modul for a visit to the natural highlights in the Peruvian rainforest - your travel helps protecting the environment.

The Peruvian Rainforest is home of more bird species than the one in Costa Rica - nevertheless the small Central American country attracts more birdwatching fans than Peru. Everybody relates Peru to the Andean Mountain Range and Inca culture, but its rainforest covers actually about 60% of the country while the remaining 40% belong to the coast and the Andean Mountains. And not only birdwatching makes it worth visiting the rainforest: the rivers belong to the amazing pink dolphin, caimans hide close to the river shore and the world's biggest rodents, the Capybaras, walk quietly over rivergrassland.

Help the country's nature with your trip to the rainforest! We kindly recommend you visiting this part of the country for its significance in terms of environmental protection. Only if the native fishermen recognize that they can earn more in tourism than with the slaughter of pink dolphins, than there is the hope left that their will finally revise their thinking and attitude. Only if the destruction of trees endangered with extinction becomes unimportant compared to a good income in tourism, those trees could be saved. The positive influence of tourism can be seen in Southern Peru whichs receives the highest number of foreign visitors each year. Every inhabitant there can tell you how different towns looked before; not only the government but also the normal people put in effort in making the region an attractive site to visit. It would be desireable if the same could happen in the rainforest whose structure is so fragile and on whose intact condition we depend - also in the First-World-Countries.

.....................Kolibri im Regenwald
Colibri in the Peruvian rainforest

Route for the 3-and 4-Day-Trips: 
Flight Lima or Cusco –Puerto Maldonado - Excursions and room in a comfortable rainforest lodge - return to Lima or Cusco

Flight time:
Lima-Cusco- Puerto Maldonado: 1,5 hrs
Flug Cusco - Puerto Maldonado: 35 Min.

  • Moduls for the 3-day-trip Tambopata
    (B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner)

  • Included in the price
    - 2 r 3 x overnights in Tambopata
    - English speaking guide
    - 2 or 3 x B+L+D
    - all excursions and visits as described in the program
    - Fights Cusco - Puerto Maldonado - Cusco

    Not included
    - insurances such as travel cancellation insurance, travel withdrawal insurance, holiday guarantee/discontinuation insurance, travel health insurance, emergency insurance, travel accident insurance, baggage insurance
    - All extras - e.g. meals not specified, telephone, gratuities, beverages (so far as not expressly included), optional excursions, etc

Note: We reserve the right to make modifications to the extent such modifications are not essential and the subject of the contract is not unreasonably impaired for the customer.

  • Price for a minimum of 2 travellers and per Person in a doble room: starts 490 Euro (details are mentioned in the catalogues)
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